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Sony SMPN200 Network Media and Internet Streamer

 Brand Sony | Model: SMPN200B.CEK
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Sony SMPN200 Network Media and Internet Streamer

Sony SMPN200 Network Media and Internet Streamer

Product Overview

The Sony SMP-N200 is a compact media client which connects to your TV or home cinema system via HDMI to display high definition video streamed from your home network via wired or wireless connection. You can also play media from USB devices and the internet and control the server with your iPhone, iPod Touch or Android phone.

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4.0 out of 5 stars An excellent little box already, but I hope it gets better, 22 Nov 2011
Gary Williams (London) - See all my reviews

This review is from: Sony SMPN200 Network Media and Internet Streamer (Electronics)
A really easy to set up little media player, which allows us to play youtube, bbc iplayer, channel 5, and subscription services such as Lovefilm and a great free live rock/pop gig site called moshcam, right on our TV. I'm reviewing the service available in the UK here - USA-based machines currently have a lot more streaming services (like Hulu) available to them. There are other services available in the UK such as Berlin Philharmonic digital concert hall etc. The picture and sound really is high quality and glitchless.

I've read that Sony promise to update the player software continuously as new content-providing partner agreements are sewn up. This is good, as the box is currently sorely missing itv player and channel 4's 4OD service, the latter of which which is available on the internet version of youtube, but not via the Sony player - presumably because of rights issues. I would be very surprised if Netflix UK isn't added to the mix when it launches. The player also has a web browser, but that isn't much use as it doesn't have flash or the equivalent software which would allow embedded video on, for example the Guardian website to be streamed on TV.

I would say the SMPN200 is definitely worth the price, even with the slightly limited 'startup' range of content partners at November 2011. I look forward to more content, particularly from other UK broadcasters, becoming available over time.

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5.0 out of 5 stars Says what it does on the tin, 5 Jan 2012
Emma P "EmPemm" (West Yorkshire) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Sony SMPN200 Network Media and Internet Streamer (Electronics)
I spent ages researching this before finally taking the plunge and ordering it, I hooked it up to my TV today and so far I absolutely love it.

My main goal was to be able to watch the videos I have stored on my external network drive (these are in avi format) and this is exactly what I can do, with the added bonus of iPlayer, love film and You Tube to name but a few of the services on offer.

Setting up was easy, though I did need to buy a HDMI cable separately. All you need do is plug the HDMI cable into the box and TV, plug in the power supply and switch the TV on to the right input. A set-up screen appears when you first switch it on and it takes a couple of minutes if that to complete. The hardest thing was inputting my security code for the Wi-Fi as there is no keyboard but even then it is easy to do, just time consuming if you have a long password. And that was it, once it had connected to the internet I could easily navigate through my video files, access iPlayer, You Tube and Love Film.

After half an hour or so it found a software update was available, having seen warnings online that the latest update stops iPlayer from working I resisted but eventually caved it and allowed the update after the constant reminders. So far I haven't had any issues with the update and have been able to view a couple of things on iPlayer with no problems

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5.0 out of 5 stars One to beat, 6 Jun 2012
Nam (United Kingdom) - See all my reviews
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This review is from: Sony SMPN200 Network Media and Internet Streamer (Electronics)
I already own a western digital streamer which works very well for me minus the fact it has no option for Lovefilm!! I decided to invest in this baby. As per usual item delivered when amazon say it's going to be delivered (thank you). It is a small sleek and well designed unit, so if you're a tech geek like me you can win brownie points with the misses!

Ok, it took me five minutes to connect it to my network (via Ethernet), T.V (HDMI) and surround sound (via optical output). It does have wireless but I would not recommend streaming video via wireless that is just asking for trouble, and if you're think of streaming HD video even worst. I would recommend streaming via Ethernet. If like me you don't want to have Ethernet wires all around the house and don't fancy sleeping on the sofa, then invest in a set of home plugs which plugs straight into your mains sockets and uses your home electrical wiring system to transfer data to any room you like. I would highly recommend the Solwise 500AV Home plug with mains pass through absolute bullet proof and work very well. I have had no problems with them and they are very easy to setup.

Once all set up, I was up and running in 5 minutes. YouTube works well; web browsing works well and other streaming sites. Streaming HD from my nas drive is faultless. It never skips or pauses to wait for data. If I rewind or fast forward it never loses itself like a few streamers I have witness do. Internet streaming (BBC iplayer, lovefilm etc.) works very well too. I only have up to 17mbps internet broadband and again no pausing, fast forward and rewind works well too. Music streaming works very well too, no problem there. I have not used or tested the wireless and have no reason to. Wireless should work well with music files.

A few buggy things or school boy errors

1) Setting up lovefilm was a pain and took me a while to figure out what was going on. You have to activate the unit via Sony website first. Then log into lovefilm and activate streaming.
2) Network video streaming. I have a few personal DVD videos that I like to play, the system is not intelligent enough (or I've yet to find a way) to search through a folder I select eg my wedding and play the "dvd file" TS. I have to open the my wedding folder and play the specific file to get the dvd started. Grrrrhh, come on Sony!
3) Browsing/searching, yep you guessed it you have to use the remote to select each character. Grrrrh again. But to be fair its not really a web browser so one is forgiven, but still a pain.

Apart from these bearable bugs, it works very well with my network setup. Overall it's easy to use, looks good and most importantly it streams from the web/home network with ease via Ethernet if your network is setup right.

Hope this helps.
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